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About life as Adult Professional with Samantha Bentley

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About Samantha Bentley, Pornographic Actress

Samantha Bentley is an internationally recognised DJ & musician. She has enjoyed a successful and extensive career in modelling and adult entertainment, with numerous awards and nominations to her name, including 3 time winner of UK Female Performer of the year, AVN Best actress, Best Foreign Female and Best Mainstream Star nominations and the title of August 2015 USA Penthouse Pet of the Month.

Her mainstream media appearances began to rack up after a returning role in ‘Game Of Thrones’ seasons 4 & 5, with features in Cosmopolitan, Esquire and a campaign for animal rights crusaders ‘Peta’.

Passionate about animals, health and wellness, fashion, music and a keen yogi/aerialist. Samantha uses her social media presence to promote all of her interests, hobbies and her lifestyle.

Samantha is currently in the process of finishing up her first original releases , encompassing her London roots and eclectic music taste. She DJs all over Europe, bringing a unique style and tune selection to her sets and music.

Does working in porn mean you can’t enjoy porn or sex yourself?

Samantha Bentley, “For a long time (over a year) I didn’t have sex off cameras, so for me to do it I really need to feel something for someone that entices and excites me. I want intimacy and closeness. If I just want an orgasm I can make that happen at work. It has only been very recently that I have been open to having sex off camera again.

But I find that now I’m more insecure in the bedroom off camera because I am incredibly self-aware. I spend every day learning which angles are good, what side my head needs to be on for lighting and so on and so forth, that I have forgotten how to have real sex! Yup, Pornstars get insecure too.”

Do you have to cum for real? Has your cum face ever been ‘prettied up’?

Samantha Bentley, “My face is never pretty, I constantly look like I’m crying. I like my movies to be real so all my orgasms are real and any reactions I have are real. I cannot stand girls that moan the entire way through their scenes, even when they aren’t being touched. I know I look ridiculous when I have sex so I don’t try and pretty it up, that’s my face, don’t like it? Don’t watch it…”

Samantha Bentley - Pornographic actress
Samantha Bentley – Pornographic actress

How often do female pornstars wax? Doesn’t it get irritated?

Samantha Bentley, “Yes. It does. I no longer wax nor shave. I grew it out and went for the retro bush about a year ago. At first it was strange going from completely Hollywood, but I actually love it. Surprisingly, it gets me a lot of work, and a lot of guys like it; it’s becoming a porn trend at the moment.

It’s so much more comfortable; shaving/waxing would leave me with stubble and friction burn and little red bumps. Ladies, love your downstairs and let it grow, if a guy can’t appreciate that grown women have hair down there, he does not deserve to be near a woman in the first place.

Obviously, doing this job means maintaining my appearance at all times, but I see girls shaving every day, waxing, lazering, having their butt holes bleached, spending hours on a sun bed, I don’t do all that, I pride myself on being completely natural.”

Do you have to make pre-sex small talk on set?

Samantha Bentley, “There can be the incredibly awkward small talk, if you are working with someone for the first time. You get on set and you awkwardly hug and mumble ‘nice to meet you… we’re having sex today’ but on average there is no awkwardness.”

Have you ever had a co-star who has really grossed you out?

Samantha Bentley, “Of course! Both sexes. I once worked with a girl with hygiene that was so bad I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to finish the scene. There was also an incredibly attractive guy that I had been looking forward to working with who sweated profusely and insisted on licking me all over like a dog and consistently slapped me round the face for 40 minutes.

Now I have a ‘YES list’, which means I will only work with you if you are on my approved list of performers. It’s quite long and people do get added and subtracted from it, but I’m getting pickier as my career goes on. The list is definitely shrinking.”

What profession would you put on your passport (if you still had to)?

Samantha Bentley, “I would probably put entertainer or model….. I’m not shy nor am I ashamed however, if someone asks what I do I say it straight up. Doing this job has given me a complete lack of censor though, I forget that it’s not normal to talk about gang bangs in nice restaurants…”

Does members of your family know what you do, and what do they think about it?

Samantha Bentley, “The more successful I became in the industry the harder it was to hide, I came home from America clutching an AVN award [the ‘Oscar’ of the porn world] and that’s when my mother found out. Everyone knows, but I don’t really talk about it with my family. They know I’m safe and happy, and they leave it at that.”

We wish best of luck to Samantha Bentley (Instagram) [Adult Industry]!

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