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Life After Leaving Adult Industry With Raylin Joy

Life After Leaving Adult Industry With Raylin Joy

About Raylin Joy, Pornographic Actress

Raylin Joy (Screen Name: Skin Diamond) is an American actress, singer-songwriter, model and former pornographic actress who now uses the professional name Raylin Joy. She has since retired from adult film to pursue other interests such as song writing and acting.

Can you ever truly leave an industry where your work is permanently committed to the internet, replicated thousands of times and watched by millions? A number of prominent adult performers have completely retired from adult films to pursue other careers: Lisa Ann and Sunny Leone are two of the most famous to move on to other public facing but unrelated roles. Do you try to detach yourself from the identity you built within porn and rebrand or continue with that identity but move forward in a different direction?

Raylin Joy is rebranding, but her past is not something she wants to hide. A sex-positive advocate, actress and singer, porn is not something she will deny as she transitions out of it. Her work in Submission, an erotic series exploring BDSM, looked directly to the films she has made during her career. Here, in her own words, she explains what it is like to be a porn star and what life is like after leaving the industry.

How did you first get into adult films?

Raylin Joy, “I actually got into in by accident. My plan wasn’t to get into porn and to be a porn star. The opportunity kind of fell into my lap. I grew up in Scotland and I was going to fetish clubs in London and I was really involved in the fetish scene and Torture Garden and all that sort of stuff, so I was kind of doing risqué shoots anyway. I had modelled for Burning Angel before just doing a photo shoot and they asked me if I wanted to come to Paris and shoot some scenes. I was like, yeah I want to go to Paris, so I went and I did it. When I was there it wasn’t how you’d think a porn set would be it, it was just a bunch of friends hanging out, having sex and getting paid. I just kind of thought that was really cool. Honestly, I thought it was just so much fun so I shot all my first scenes – like my first girl-girl scene, my first boy-girl scene, my first anal scene – all in that one week because I didn’t ever think I would do it again”.

Activate Listening with Pornographic actress Raylin Joy

At what age you did your first scene?

Raylin Joy, “When I did my first scene I was 23. But I have a baby face, which worked well for me”.

How long have you been in the adult industry?

Raylin Joy, “Probably six, going on seven years now. I did my first scenes in year 2009”.

You are in quite a long list of people who have transcended porn and gone on to do something completely different. Do you think that is getting easier now?

Raylin Joy, “I think that it is definitely getting easier in this day and age because I think that people are finally waking up to the idea that sex isn’t as scary as we have been lead to believe by our forefathers. I think that because of amazing musicians – I think they are really the ones opening the doors – who have been really open about their sexuality, like Bowie, Michael Jackson, Prince, and then the newer icons like Nicki Minaj and Rhianna. Everyone is using sex. Even in marketing, using sex to sell so I feel like those double standards are slowly being broken down”.

Do you think it’s a problem that 18-year-olds are doing porn?

Raylin Joy, “It is such a hard call to make because everyone develops mentally at different stages. So one girl who might be ready to do porn at 18 is one story, but if I personally tried to start doing porn aged 18 I wouldn’t have handled it very well. Because it is a very life changing decision to do porn and when you are young you are not as aware of the impact that decision can make”.

Are you hoping that you will get more acting roles that are slightly different? Or are you quite happy for them to still have that aspect to them?

Raylin Joy, “Well I definitely don’t mind taking on roles that are special, but I am not performing adult anymore. I’m just focusing on music and acting because that is something that is new and exciting and I just want to go for it. I am not doing adult right now so I can 100 per cent focus on the other stuff”.

We wish best of luck to Raylin Joy (Instagram) [Adult Industry]!

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