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things to do in Chandigarh Capitol Complex, Sector 1, Chandigarh 160001, India

The Tower of Shadows is planned to go between the Palace of Justice and the Parliament building, in the Capitol area. It is a lofty, open-sided hall providing ample shade. In the subdued atmosphere thus created, one can be free to meditate. The building is aligned precisely on the north-south axis, so that it agreeably interrupts the severe symmetry of the enormous square. The north side is entirely open, and the other three faces are furnished with brise-soleil. A ramp leads from this square into the sunken park (the Trench of Consideration).

In the Le Corbusier studio in Paris, the track of the sun for all seasons is most precisely recorded for all important buildings, in order to determine the position of the brise-soleil.  Again we can only express our deepest regret that this structure has so far not been executed. Like the Governor’s s Palace, the Open Hand and this Tower of the Shadows are components of the harmonious composition of the total Capitol complex.

Built by the creator of Chandigarh Mr. Le Corbusier, The Tower of Shadows in Sector 1, is a monument that adds on to the beauty of the city. It is an architectural brilliance intended to demonstrate Le Corbusier’s various theories of sun control.

Found between the High Court and the Parliament the tower captures the shadows formed with the movement of sun.


Located close to the Legislative Assembly in the Capitol Complex, this airy, partially-open pavilion is a symbolic structure which reflects Le Corbusier’s interest in studying the penetration of sunlight inside a building. It traces the path of the sun through shadows, which are cast both inside and outside the tower.

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